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96 Rock Licks Review Part 1 of 2

Its been a couple of weeks since the new course from Guitar Zoom, 96 Rock Licks was released and I have had a chance to spend some time playing around with it.  I wanted to share what I thought about the 96 Rock Licks course and instructor Steve Stine.

James Hetfield Rhythm Lesson

  Here is free lesson from one of the best online guitar lesson sites, on the master of metal guitar- James Hetfield.  Check it out-    Disclosure: We are sometimes awarded commissions on the sales of products and services featured on this site. We test each product thoroughly and recommend only what we believe to be the very best. Free Video Guitar Lesson Playing

Developing Great Practice Habits

John McCarthy, lead instructor of the Rockhouse Method dvd and guitar instructional material brand wrote a great article on how to develop great practice habits.

Free Angus Young Guitar Licks Video Lesson

Check out the free video lesson that instructor Prashant Aswani did on some of the classic licks that define the style of Angus Young and what gives AC/DC its timeless hard rock sound.    Disclosure: We are sometimes awarded commissions on the sales of products and services featured on this site. We test each product thoroughly and recommend only what we believe to be the

The Real Secret to Mastering the Guitar

 I stopped in to my local music store the other day to purchase an assortment of guitar picks for my private lessons students and was chatting with the clerk when a mother and her son approached the counter. She asked us, “What is the best way for my son to learn guitar without practicing?” We both looked at her with disbelief and almost in unison

Exclusive Interview With One of the Biggest Names in Guitar Teaching

mike_grossThere are a lot of so called guitar teachers out there but there are a handful that really stand out.  One of those is Mike Gross.


We interviewed Mike back in 2013 as he was an emerging guitar teacher on YouTube.  Since it’s been a couple of years, we decided to check in with Mike to see what’s new with him, how he continues to help aspiring guitar players on the internet, how he deals with being one of the most popular guitar teachers on YouTube, what you need to do to be a successful guitar player and how you can take lessons from Mike personally. Read more

Learn Mick Mars Inspired Riffs

Although Motley Crue is in the midst of their farewell tour, we will always have the amazing riffs and solos from the great Mick Mars.

Check out this great lesson from Next Level Guitar where Mike will teach you the playing style of Mick and show you some cool riffs that you can take and expand to create your own Motley Crue style songs.

Monster Pentatonic Chops

dave nassieA couple of days ago David Taub of Next Level Guitar shot a cool little backyard interview with the incredible guitar player Dave Nassie, who also happens to be one of the (several) great instructors at Next Level Guitar.

Dave is an internationally renowned guitar player who has played with mega bands such as Suicidal Tendencies, No Use For a Name and Bleeding Through.  He is one of Charvel’s featured artists and is frequently featured on Next Level Guitar lesson




Check out the interview here:

Dave produced an exciting course called “Monster Pentatonic Chops” that is being released for the first time ever.

The thing is a full-on, “down-the-rabbit-hole” step-by-step tutorial on how to play with blinding speed and laser accuracy. Read more

All Good Things Come to an End

You know.. we talk a lot about playing the blues and how to start songs, or starting solos, or playing chords or solos or licks or fills…
But a song’s gotta end too, and the ending at a jam is the last impression people have of your performance (so you probably want it to sound good.)
So Griff Hamlin of Blues Guitar Unleashed did a video for you with one of the most popular (and his personal favorite) endings – complete with how you should cue the band that this is going to happen if you’re leading the charge.


Check it out!



Now, do you know the 3 rules to blues guitar?

Check out this video from Griff where he is going to show you how You Can Use 3 Simple “Blues Rules” To Transform Your Blues Soloing Without Any New Scales, Chords, Or Tricks And Be Confident That You Can Lay Down A Killer Blues Solo Every Time…

ultimate power pentatonics info

[FREE Course] The Roadmap To Jamming With A Blues Band Or Backing Track

Griff Hamlin, the biggest name in blues guitar instruction has put together an exciting mini course that will give you the roadmap to learning how to play at a blues jam, with a group of other guitar players or even just a jam track.

In the 3 part series, Griff covers everything from common rhythm patterns and chords to guitar licks, solo tricks and more.

Check out the full course including tab, backing tracks and the video lessons here

ultimate fender blues jr tone guide


Griff is best known for his flagship course- Blues Guitar Unleashed

Blues Guitar Unleashed is one of the biggest selling blues guitar courses since it was released.

It is a complete step by step course that contains everything you need to really learn how to play blues guitar inside and out.

It is the most complete course out there for blues guitar

 It has been 9 years since Griff released Blues Guitar Unleashed so he thought it was time for a facelift.

There’s a laundry list of improvements, but suffice to say it looks really good and with over 32,000 people around the world using it… well let’s just say the method has proven itself and stood the test of time.

>>>Details Are Right Here<<<

Blues Riffs With Brett Papastache

Brett Papastache put together an awesome lesson on how to spice up your 12 bar blues rhythms.

Easy enough for beginners but lots of fun ideas that even intermediate guitar players will enjoy.


Check it out


Want more great lessons from Brett Papastache?  Be sure to check out

And if you click the banner below, you can get Brett’s best selling 100 Blues Rock Licks completely FREE with his Hendrix Masterclass series

blues rock licks from papastache

The Secret Techniques of Joe Satriani Revealed

Imagine yourself performing killer blues licks … the catchy melodies …the fluid legato … the two handed tapping … the modal lines …
of one of the most well known virtuoso guitar players to ever grace the instrument
You’ll learn it all in Next Level Guitar’s latest digital download series-
David Taub and the Next Level Guitar team are back with another killer digital download series.
This time, the amazing Dave Nasse will teach you the ins and outs of all things that make Joe Satriani one of the most innovative and revolutionary guitar players to ever exist.
You’ll learn 
  • How to get that amazing Satriani tone
  • Develop killer legato techniques that Joe uses all throughout his playing
  • Learn tons of licks that Joe uses in his solos
  • One string patterns, sequence licks and position shifting
  • ​Much much more
This is the ONLY course that teaches you the exact style, tone, licks and techniques that will give you the tools to play amazing lead guitar like the incredible Joe Satriani.

Guitar Picks Give You Cancer

In a recent interview, Eddie Van Halen talked about the tongue cancer that claimed 1/3 of his tongue back in 2000, and he’s pretty sure he knows what caused it-





I used metal picks – they’re brass and copper – which I always held in my mouth, in the exact place where I got the tongue cancer. Plus, I basically live in a recording studio that’s filled with electromagnetic energy. So that’s one theory. I mean, I was smoking and doing a lot of drugs and a lot of everything. But at the same time, my lungs are totally clear. This is just my own theory, but the doctors say it’s possible.

Of course it has nothing to do with years of abuse from who knows what and how many different illicit substances.


Kids- keep the guitar picks out of your mouth



Learn how to play Metallica Battery inspired 80s thrash style guitar lesson

Check out this awesome lesson from Dave Nasse from Next Level Guitar where he shows you how to play riffs from Metallica’s Battery and more importantly helps you develop your Thrash Metal guitar techniques.

If you love to play songs from the big Thrash Metal bands like Metallica, Slayer, and Megadeth, you’ll definitely want to check this out


Now if you dug that then you’ll love the 2 hour DVD lesson that David Taub and the team at Next Level Guitar put together where you will learn the classic thrash song Breadfan from the Titans of Thrash- Metallica

This is the full on song lesson and when we say “full song lesson” we mean it. You will learn ALL the song parts – intro, verses, rhythms, breakdowns, riffs, timing, interlude, licks, full guitar solos, and more.

You learn the techniques as well as the song, so then you can blast them all across all your playing and practicing.

Take a look at this killer preview


Click the link below for more info on this awesome DVD lesson for Metallica’s Breadfan

ultimate fender blues jr tone guide


Just Move On

Do you have that one (at least) little thing that you seem to get hung up on?
For some people it’s the first time they try to play a difficult chord like F… for others it’s barre chords… it could be something as elementary as the open position C chord.
It all depends on where you are at in your guitar playing journey, but the reality is that we’re all built a little different and the details that trip you up aren’t likely to be the same things that trip up the next person.
But I will tell you that if you ask 100 guitar players that can now play an open C chord easily if they could play it easily the first time they tried.. at least 99 of them would say “no way.”
So the first thing to remember is, if you’re hung up on something like that, you’re not the first and you certainly won’t be the last.
And while it might seem next to impossible now, clearly it’s not going to be that way forever or no one would ever get past it – and you will too.
But most importantly, don’t let that one little thing stop you from moving on to new things.
If you have a piece of music memorized and you can play it fairly well except for maybe that one spot or that one chord never sounds quite right, that’s ok… MOVE ON.
Its ok.  Dont feel bad about it.  There is no need to feel guilty or less adequate and certainly no one else is going to pass judgement on you.
Continuing to work on other things will help your technique in general, and when you come back to that song or lesson in a couple of weeks, you may find it’s pretty easy now and that one little sore spot is gone… or going away at the very least.
Above all, just keep playing and continuing to try new things while continuing to play some of your old things.
No one ever got worse playing their guitar more :)
Maybe it’s direction and guidance that you are having trouble with.  Spend some time perusing around Six String Madness.  We have a ton of great resources to help you on your guitar journey including many free ones and recommendations on the best guitar courses to elevate your playing to a whole new level.