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Will Ripley

Six String Madness has partnered with one of the biggest names in guitar teaching- Will Ripley

Will attended the Berklee college of music, is an active working musician and one of the senior guitar instructors at JamPlay.com

The best thing about Will is that he provides LIVE 1 on 1 lessons via the internet to give YOU exactly what you need to grow your guitar playing and achieve your personal goals.

no canned lesons... no dvds... no generic content that doesnt apply to you

Click the link below to find out more about this exciting opportunity to take REAL LIVE lessons from one of the biggest names in guitar education all from the comfort of your own home AND get your 1st one hour lesson FREE

The #1 Guitar Site on the Internet

The Exciting New Course From One of the Biggest Guitar Teachers on the Internet- Next Level Guitar

Head Turning Licks and Jams from David Taub and the team at Next Level Guitar will give you a complete system to play the most incredible, jaw-dropping, head-turning licks and teach you how to create your own killer solos so you can sound like your favorite guitar players.

Among other things ...

> You'll not only learn a boatload of scales, but also how to apply them and practice them over jam tracks.

> You'll learn how to play over chord changes seamlessly like a pro ..

> You'll jazz up your blues licks to give them that extra kick ...

> You'll discover how to use chromaticism to turn heads ...

And the fretboard?

The fretboard is going to open up to you like the best surprise present you ever unwrapped because you'll be expanding your fretboard visualization, covering more distance and seeing it in an entirely new and clearer way.


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Articles and Lessons

There is so much information out there nowadays with the internet.  At Six String Madness, we have provided you with the creme of the crop when it comes to guitar articles, news and lessons.  A lot of the stuff that is out there for guitar lessons is junk.  Six String Madness has waded through it all to bring you only the best articles and guitar lessons to help you accelerate your guitar playing.

Gear Reviews

With over 2,000 guitar effects manufactures out there, dozens of amp and guitar makers, trying to make informed decisions on how to spend your hard earned cash for guitar gear can be difficult.  Six String Madness is passionate about guitar gear and provide reviews of only the best gear for the dollar so you can have the tone in your head.

Guitar Course Reviews

At Six String Madness, we review A LOT of guitar DVD courses, online memberships, ebooks etc.  It seems there is more guitar instruction out there than ever.  It can be really hard to figure out what is good and what is a waste of time or hyped up marketing.  We carefully review dozens and dozens of these guitar courses, throw most of them out and bring you only the best.  Be sure to check out the course review page to check out only the best of the best in guitar instruction.

Free Stuff and Special Sales

Six String Madness has the inside track when it comes to exclusive sales, discounts, new guitar courses and free resources you can use to accelerate your guitar playing.  We work very closely with the biggest names in guitar education to provide you with exclusive sales, discounts and content that you will only find here at Six String Madness.

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Six String Madness has partnered with the biggest names in the guitar learning business to offer you exclusive deals and discounts.  Be sure to keep an eye on this space for our current deals or better yet, be sure to subscribe for one of our exciting Guitar Adventures tailored to your guitar tastes and you'll get first dibs on the best deals for the best guitar courses available.

Here is our current deal:

Rockstarter Guitar Course- Start Playing Guitar in 30 Minutes

This package contains EVERYTHING a beginning guitarist could ever want, including being able to play any song you want quickly and easily, without having to do a bunch of boring drills.And you can see it right here:


Professional touring guitarist, expert instructor and close friend of Six String Madness, Steve Mastroianni aka VOID has created an exciting beginner guitar course that will have you playing kick ass rock songs in less time than it takes you to read this page.  This is an exclusive offer for the readers of Six String Madness and Steve is virtually giving it away for a price you wont believe.

Check it out!

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In The Key to Your Guitar Playing Success, you will learn

  • How to develop solid goals for your guitar playing
  • The secret strategy to learning songs on the guitar
  • The difference between the theoretical vs visual approach to learning how to master the guitar
  • How to not get lost in your guitar playing journey so you can make big gains in a short amount of time
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