3 Part Beginner Guitar Lesson Mini Series

Beginner Guitar Players- Check out the awesome 3 part beginner guitar lesson mini series that Six String Studios (the good folks that bring you SixStringMadness.com) has posted on Fiverr.com

For only $5 you get a 3 video lesson series designed for beginner guitar players to jump start their guitar playing.  These 3 video lessons will give you the essential tools needed to play along with your favorite songs.


So what do  you get for $5?
Video 1 is all about learning the 10 essential chords EVERY guitar player must know.

In video 2, you will learn what some of the most popular combinations of those chords are that you hear in all of your favorite songs.

Finally in video 3, we will cover the 5 most common strum patterns.  This is one of the biggest challenges new guitar players struggle with.

As an added bonus- I will include my mini ebook- 5 Fun and Easy Guitar Riffs Any Beginner Can Play.











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