3 “Real World” Blues Rhythms To Get You Playing Literally Hundreds Of Songs

Here's an awesome video from guitar instructor, Griff Hamlin of Blues Guitar Unleashed and the HUGELY popular 4 Note Solo



Imagine just being able to walk into a guitar store, grab a 335 off the wall and sit down and play and have it sound like you know what you're doing… that's what we're talking about here.

“Blues Gig In a Box” has 5 full songs in it that Griff wrote and recorded with his band specifically to show you how blues songs get put together.

These 3 videos are sort of prerequisites for Griff's “Blues Gig in a Box” course that is one of his most popular courses.

Lick by lick, chord by chord, and note by note you'll see inside how most any blues song on the planet works.

So check out the videos now and be on your way to the land of blues mastery!

This mini course comes with free tab, jam track and downloadable videos


Want more details on Blues Gig in a Box?

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