5 Reasons Why You Should Keep a Practice Log

Whether you are working with a private guitar teacher or using a guitar course, like the many mentioned here on Six String Madness, using a practice log will be a very useful tool in helping you achieve your guitar playing goals.

Keeping a practice journal can be a game-changer for many aspiring guitar players. Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Keeping a journal give you clarity and control over your accomplishments.
  2. It helps you better track your progress. No more guessing.
  3. It is a great tool for keeping yourself accountable.
  4. It makes your decision making easier because you have acquired meaningful data.
  5. It helps with effective organization of your practice time.

What should you write into your guitar practice journal?

There is one problem that many new guitar players face when it comes to starting a journal. They are not sure what should they put into it and what not.

And there is a very simple answer to that – write down anything and everything you think can be important and valuable for you.

Let's look at some things you could include in your practice journal:

  • Date and day
  • How much time you spent practicing different things
  • What exactly you were practicing
  • How well it went (how many repetitions, maximum tempo, etc.)
  • Any insights and thoughts that came to mind (suggestions for new exercises, solutions for different problem areas, etc. )
  • Anything that seems interesting and valuable

That’s it. Nothing fancy


There is another simple little technique that you can use. If you work on something  you know you won’t finish today, schedule it for the next day. This way you can create your schedule in advance without much effort.

And last but not least, record yourself.  This is so important for your growth as a guitar player.  Being able to objectively listen and look back on your playing exposes the areas you need to work on and gives you a record of your growth and improvement.

If  you need a practice log, download the one that I use for my private guitar students.

Click Here >>>  Guitar Practice Log Form