5 Secrets to Guitar Success

Check out this small list of things that have the most impact on a guitar student's success.

Here they are:

Secret 1: Focus By Setting Goals
Goals help you understand what you should be learning and practicing. They keep you focused.
Being focused leads to progress. And progress increases your motivation and confidence.

Figure out your goals before you go any further.

Secret 2: Find a teacher that resonates
Like anything in life, not all guitar teachers are equal. Do some research before you start. Make
sure you're learning from someone who knows what they're talking about and that you feel comfortable with. The best teachers will keep you motivated and inspired so you stay on track.

Some of our favorites here at Six String Madness include-


Steve Stine

Next Level Guitar

Guitar Jamz

Secret 3: Learn With Structure
Learning guitar online can be like drinking from a fire hose. To avoid this, learn from teachers that have proven methods and frameworks.
This way, you'll know how long to practice concepts and when to move on to new things.


Secret 4: Get Feedback
Getting feedback on your playing not only ensures correct habits, but it also gives you motivation. You can record yourself and post to forums. Or you can have a qualified guitar teacher observe with webcam lessons.


Secret 5: Practice Effectively
Even if you do everything else right, if you don't practice effectively, your progress will be turtle-slow. Effective practice comes down to practicing your trouble spots more than what you are already good at.

It may bruise your ego to sound like crap for 15 minutes, but you'll progress much faster if you keep at it. If you're not sure how to set up an effective practice routine than the Guitar Practice Generator is exactly what you need.


The Guitar Practice Generator will formulate your practice schedule for you based on your goals to give you the maximum effectiveness possible.