6 Beginner Guitar Tips From Marty Schwartz

Marty Schwartz of GuitarJamz.com did a great article designed to help all of you beginner guitar players.
Check it out-

As you are learning to play your basic guitar chords, use these awesome tips:

> Use only enough pressure to make each string sound good. No need to strangle the strings or suffocate the guitar neck!


 > Start by slowly strumming each string. If a string sounds odd, adjust your finger position.


 > Never forget that what you're doing is a fairly complex skill, something brand new to beginners. This means that patience will reward you greatly . . . and that it WILL become second nature and easy if you master the smallest parts first.


 > Use only the very tips of your fingers. You'll move more nimbly that way and get a better sound. Don't be hard on yourself if this doesn't come easily. It will soon enough.


 > try changing from one chord to another without strumming the strings.

Repeat over and over until you can do it smoothly.
Keep at it and you'll get there!

 > Once you know what each chord sounds like, try to NOT look at your fret hand. Learn to recognize the sound of the chord. Learn to place your fingers without looking. You'll want to look, but later, when you're performing flawlessly for your friends or need to read music, you'll thank me.

Keep going and give yourself a pat on the back!

Remember that what we're doing here is one of the more difficult, multi-tasking endeavors you can learn. (And one of the most rewarding — no small coincidence!)

And when you take the time to master one small piece at a time, then before you know it, you'll start connecting the dots and you'll start playing seamlessly and fluidly just the way you once learned how to ride a bike.

Stay cool and keep playin'


P.S. Reminder: Don't ever let anyone tell you that playing guitar is hard … or must involve spirit-crushing practice drills … or requires special “talent.”

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