6 Free jam tracks + 2 Free ebooks

I've got something really cool for FREE for you today …

Actually, it's EIGHT free things:

6 free jam tracks
2 free ebooks
In a hurry? Then click here to grab them now.

(There is no catch. You pay nothing.)


This is the “Jam Track Coach” package from David at Next Level Guitar.

Here's What You're Getting for FREE:

SIX custom-produced, awesome-sounding extended-play Jam Tracks.
A clear, concisely written lesson eBook that explains each track and then teaches you what to play over each one, and then explains exactly why it works. Brilliant!
A second eBook with all the scale diagrams, soloing strategies, and even more lessons mapped out
An insane amount of fun!
This is pure genius. Here's why I say that …

Look, everyone else just hands you some jam tracks and sends you off to go practice on your own, David literally shows you how to use the jam tracks with his written lessons.

So instead of just noodling along aimlessly, you'll be taken step by step through the accompanying ebooks and then …

… you're shown what chords are being played

… you're told what to try over them

… you get instruction on what scales work best over the tracks

… and then you're shown exactly WHY they work.

To top it all off, you also receive all the scale diagrams you need, plus tips and soloing strategy.

It's such a killer, all-in-one resource, that I just HAD to pass this along to you while it was still available.

But hurry — grab it all here while it's being offered for free:



Just messing around with backing tracks can be fun enough. But when you use jam track with actual PURPOSE — which is what this free “Jam Track Coach” package actually does — well, then that's when your skill really begin to vault forward. Check it out for yourself: