6 Minute Guitar- Cool Blues Solo Trick

I'm always looking for new products that will not only help my own playing but products that I feel are worth sharing with my readers.

I have recently come across a product called “6 Minute Guitar” from the people at GuitarZoom.com.  These are the same guys that brought us the popular courses SoloFire and 96 Rock Licks

Dan Denley and the folks at GuitarZoom have created a 20 DVD monster course that seems to cover just about everything but the kitchen sink!  They released some highlight videos and I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite sections of the course.

In this blues solo section of the 6 minute guitar course, Dan shows you a cool way to create a blues solo using 4 notes and 3 repeating licks.  The preview comes with a free backing track and downloadable pdf

Click here- Cool Blues Solo Trick