78% OFF Chord Lesson DVDs From Marty Schwartz and Next Level Guitar

Did you know that April is International Guitar Month?

EVERY month should be guitar month, if you ask me!!

In celebration, Marty Schwartz from Guitar Jamz and David Taub of Next Level Guitar have teamed up to do an awesome sale on a great guitar lesson package.

Marty is giving away his entire 4-DVD home study program on Music Theory for free when you also grab Next Level Guitar's 6-DVD “Chord Magic” lesson package for the next 48 hours at a HUGE discount …

That's right: SIX DVDs on how to play (and multiply!) chords all over the neck … PLUS an entire 4-DVD home study course on music theory (and not the boring stuff, either — only the cool stuff you really need.)

Want more details?  Check out the full story on the Six String Madness Facebook page and find out how you can save 78%

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