96 Blues Licks Contest- Win an Ibanez Tube Screamer!

GuitarZoom.com and Steve Stine have partnered together again to bring you another fantastic guitar course.

Steve Stine has been the instructor for some of the most popular guitar DVD courses to be released this year including 96 Rock Licks, SoloFire and Music Theory Made Easy.

Steve and the folks at GuitarZoom have just finished putting together 96 Blues Licks.

To help celebrate the release of 96 Blues Licks, SixStringMadness.com and SteveStine.com together are offering a brand new Ibanez Tube Screamer to one lucky winner who purchases 96 Blues Licks.

The Ibanez Tube Screamer is an iconic overdrive pedal that has been heard on countless blues albums and played by some of the most popular players such as Stevie Ray Vaughn.  This pedal will make a perfect companion with your new copy of 96 Blues Licks.

96 Blues Licks is in the same style of 96 Rock Licks but with a blues flavor.  96 Blues Licks is a 9 DVD course that comes with jam tracks, book and a recording of
each lick.

If you are a blues fan and enjoyed the other courses by Steve Stine such as 96 Rock Licks, you'll love this course!


The contest rules– To enter, you must click the image below to be taken to the order page for 96 Blues Licks.  Purchase the course and then go to the contact page on SixStringMadness to send a message with 96 Blues Licks in the subject.  Be sure the name that was used to order the course is what you enter on the contact form as your name will be verified from the order list to ensure your order was completed.  1 winner will be selected at random.  Contest runs from 9:00am EST November 15 to 11:59 EST December 2nd.  Winner will be notified via email and posted on both SteveStine.com and SixStringMadness.com

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