96 Rock Licks Review Part 1 of 2

Its been a couple of weeks since the new course from Guitar Zoom, 96 Rock Licks was released and I have had a chance to spend some time playing around with it.  I wanted to share what I thought about the 96 Rock Licks course and instructor Steve Stine.

96 Rock Licks is a 4 DVD, 2 CD course with booklet that teaches you how to play 96 guitar licks in the genres of blues, rock and metal.  More importantly Steve Stine teaches you how to USE these licks to create your own solos and improvise.  By manipulating the licks and stringing several of them together, you will be able to write your own solos and improvise over a rhythm track or a jam in a live setting.

DVD one starts with Steve Stine teaching some of the fundamental techniques that will have to have down in order to play the licks.  He demonstrates different types of bends, vibrato etc.  The end of the DVD contains the first 5 licks that are fairly basic but fundamental and very common in solos.  He strings them together in different orders to show you how you can rip through an improvised short solo.

Stine continues through the rest of the DVDs covering the remaining 91 rock licks which get progressively harder.  There is a wide variety of licks that he demonstrates in the course such as:

  • reverse bends
  • short licks
  • long licks
  • half step, whole step and one and half step bends
  • tremelo picking
  • legato phrasing
  • two hand tapping
  • repetitive licks
  • Randy Roads style
  • Angus Young type blues rock
  • same lick in different octaves


There is also a section on pentatonic, blues, natural minor and dorian scales that are used in the videos.  The licks are taught primarily in the key of Am but of course can be transposed in to different keys as you wish.


The 2 CDs contain jam tracks for you to practice over and have some pre-arranged solos to help you get started.  There are jam tracks in different keys so that if you wanted to transpose the licks to different keys, you’ll have a jam track to play over.


In part 2, I'll share my opinion of what I really like about the course, why I bought it, suggestions of things that I would change, the best way to use the 96 Rock Licks course and whether I think it's a good value for your money.  Keep an eye on Six String Madness for that post later this week or like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to be notified.