96 Rock Licks Surprise Bonus

Yesterday, I received an email from Dan Denly of GuitarZoom.com who produced the hugely popular new DVD program, 96 Rock Licks.  As a result of the 96 Rock Licks course being a huge hit, Dan is now offering everyone that purchases the DVDs a free online copy as well.  I thought this was really cool as the DVDs arent always convienent and having it online means you can work on your licks no matter where you are at.  If you were on the fence about picking up this great course, here is yet another reason to grab it.  Be sure to check out my review on what I thought of 96 Rock Licks.

That wasnt the end of the email though.  Dan went on to explain that again becuause of the success of 96 Rock Licks, GuitarZoom made a very nice contribution to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. One of the country's top child-cancer research hospital.  This scored serious respect points with me.

I've enjoyed a number of titles in the GuitarZoom catalog such as

but it's stuff like giving back to a cancer research hospital for children that really shows class.  There is a lot of good guitar tuition out there but when I read about how the good ones are giving back, that only strengthens my support in their products.  If you haven't checked out any of the titles I mentioned above or were on the fence about them, now you know that GuitarZoom is a company that is giving back.  Check em out!