Adjusting the Action On Your Guitar

If you have ever taken your guitar to a shop to have any work done on such as a set up, string change or pick up change you know how expensive it is.  Guitar techs and luthiers charge BIG $$.  Instead of hiring them to do simple adjustments on your guitar, learn how to do it yourself.

There arent too many good products out there that show you how to do some of the basic adjustments on your guitar but one that I found and really like is Greg Voros' Learn and Master Guitar Setup and Maintenance.


One very common adjustment that guitar players make to their guitar is the action.  In this sample lesson, Greg Voros shows us how to adjust the action on an electric guitar. Greg uses the popular Strat for this guitar care lesson. This is just a clip from the full lesson you can find in the Learn & Master Guitar Setup and Maintenance course.

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Spotlight Series Guitar Set-Up with Greg Voros