All Good Things Come to an End

You know.. we talk a lot about playing the blues and how to start songs, or starting solos, or playing chords or solos or licks or fills…
But a song's gotta end too, and the ending at a jam is the last impression people have of your performance (so you probably want it to sound good.)
So Griff Hamlin of Blues Guitar Unleashed did a video for you with one of the most popular (and his personal favorite) endings – complete with how you should cue the band that this is going to happen if you're leading the charge.


Check it out!



Now, do you know the 3 rules to blues guitar?

Check out this video from Griff where he is going to show you how You Can Use 3 Simple “Blues Rules” To Transform Your Blues Soloing Without Any New Scales, Chords, Or Tricks And Be Confident That You Can Lay Down A Killer Blues Solo Every Time…

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