Are You a Guitar Sinner?

Here's 3 of the most common deadly sins guitar players commit on a daily basis and are the cause of so much sorrow and grief and are fatal to any aspiring guitarist… see if you can spot anything familiar on the list.

Sin 1: The Google Guitarist –
Symptoms: Frustration, anxiety, depression
These days this is always close to the top of the list, let's face it there's a lot of information on the web, YouTube videos, articles, Free lessons, blogs etc., ranging in quality from excellent to absolute rubbish.

At the end of the day most “Google” guitar students can't really play a complete song, sure they can play bits of this song and the introduction of that song and a cute little blues lick that doesn't seem to fit anywhere but nothing really to show for hundreds of web trolling.

Information overload is one of the biggest causes of frustration and stress for the budding guitarist with all this information coming us twenty-four seven, three-sixty-five combined with the newbie's inability to accurately discern whether the information in front of them is in the “excellent” category or “junk” pile the result is a guitarist going nowhere at a dizzying rate!

What to do instead: FOCUS… endlessly jumping from one site to the next takes you away from your instrument; try this instead:
(1) turn the computer off,
(2) put your guitar down,
(3) get a piece of paper out
(4) write down EXACTLY what you want to achieve.

Simple, I know but think of how many countless hours will you save if you follow the simple rules of success: (a) decide to do something, (b) DO IT!

Sin 2: Not Understanding the Growth process –
Symptoms: Inconsistent practice, quits playing for long periods
The process of guitar playing is a never ending series of three stages (1) self-questioning, (2) progress, (3) rest plateau… on and on it goes; players at all levels are constantly going through these stages, the difference is that the successful guitarist is constantly aware of which stage they are currently at and realize that no matter how they are feeling that their practice program must be maintained.

What to do instead: Keep a record of how you are feeling about your practice sessions, over a period of a few weeks you will begin to identify certain patterns emerging, always be aware of which particular stage you are moving through (1) self-questioning, (2) progress, or (3) rest plateau this will help you to keep going and help you understand that this is all part of the growth process and that the psychological spin-off often feels like we are getting nowhere when in fact just the opposite is true.

Sin 3: Getting sucked into the time vortex –
Symptoms: I haven't found enough time to practice (excuse)
Let's be clear you will NEVER find time… if you want time YOU have to make it!
Which comes down to a matter of priority.
We ALL have exactly the same amount of time every day it's each individuals moment by moment choices we make about how we spend our time that ultimately makes the difference.

Ever experienced the suspension of time when you are on Facebook? You may think you've been on for 5 minutes, but when you look at the clock you realize it's been 2 hours. You've been sucked into the Facebook vortex.

What to do instead: Be clear on what you want to learn and why you want to learn it, cast your mind back to the reason(s) you wanted to play guitar in the first place.

Always keep in mind ‘your skill level is equal to your level of interest'.

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