Battle of the Metal Guitar Courses

In the latest installment of the the Battle of the Guitar Courses series, we'll take a look at guitar tuition products for learning Heavy Metal.

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On to the Heavy Metal guitar courses

 Troy Stetina Metal Guitar Series

I'm a huge fan of NWOBHM and 80's metal.  The best guitar courses that I have found that focuses on this type of music has to be the collection of books and CDs that Troy Stetina created.  He did a series on Metal Rhythm and Metal Lead guitar.  They came out a number of years ago but still remain the authority on metal guitar.  He did 2 volumes for rhythm guitar and 3 volumes for lead guitar.

Metal Rhythm-

Metal Rhythm Guitar Vol. 1
Metal Rhythm Guitar Vol. 2

Metal Lead Guitar

Metal Lead Guitar Primer
Metal Lead Guitar – volume one
Metal Lead Guitar Vol. 2


Metal Guitar Method

Metal Guitar Method

Metal Guitar Method by Matthias Young guides the beginning student on a journey through the art and technique of metal guitar. This comprehensive downloadable method starts with the basics like proper playing position and reading tab and then progresses to power chords, playing scales, sweep picking, drop tuning, and finger tapping. Through the course of learning to play 24 original songs, Matthias will teach you the concepts and techniques that every metal guitar god uses. The download includes an 96 page PDF book, 175 minutes of video instruction, and 74 .mp3 backing tracks.  This is an awesome course for any level of guitar player that teaches the the essential concepts and techniques of metal guitar.  The course is downloadable as well so you dont need to wait for the mailman to show up to get started on the course.

Check it out ===> Metal Guitar Method

Here is a free guitar lesson from the course that will teach you a rhythm part for a fast power metal anthem.  Click here ===> Power Metal Anthem


Easy Metal Guitar DVD

EASY METAL GUITAR DVD - Heavy Metal Guitar Lessons For Beginner through Intermediate

EASY METAL GUITAR DVD – Heavy Metal Guitar Lessons For Beginner through Intermediate
is a great DVD by Mark John Sternal (best known for his phrase by phrase series) for beginners and intermediate guitar players looking to learn the basics of heavy metal guitar.  Mark John Sternal starts you out with simple power chords, riffs, tricks and techniques that form the backbone of Heavy Metal guitar playing. Each lesson is introduced with thorough and descriptive instructions, followed by a slowed-down practice section which will insure that anyone, at any level, can play each exercise. Later, these exercises are combined to form complete Metal Songs. Each Metal Song and Metal Solo is presented at a slow, medium and fast tempo, allowing you to play along and build up your Metal Guitar Chops!