Be Extreme in Your Guitar Playing

As guitar players, we spend so much time learning licks and ideas from other guitar players, that we fear we may end up sounding too much like someone else and not ourselves.

I think an important expression that guitar players should live by is “be the most extreme version of you that you can be.”

And I hate to be the bearer of bad news but no matter how hard you try, you'll never sound like someone else.  No matter how much you practice, copy their gear etc.

You will sound like ALL of your influences combined, not just some… and on top of that your playing is going to be influenced by your own “guitar DNA” that makes anything you play uniquely yours.

If you like the sounds you are making, then make those sounds loud and proud… and if you don't like the sounds you are making, then be honest with yourself about where things don't sound good and make it a point to fix them.

But above all else, don't be afraid to play what is in your heart and the melodies you hear in your head. Not everyone is going to like it but play with confidence (even if you don't feel confident) and everything sounds better.