Become a Better Guitar Player Today!


Most people that want to learn to play the guitar start out with the best intentions.  Motivation is high, practice time is abundant and the student soaks up everything they can- riffs, techniques, songs, tricks etc.  Pretty soon, the newness of it all wears off and they begin to feel like playing is a chore.  Just another thing in their daily life that “has to get done”.  Before long practice time and frequency becomes less and less and eventually guitar playing becomes another one of those “Well, I tried it and it wasnt for me.”  The problem is, the dream is still there.  Being on a stage in front of 50,000 fans screaming your name as you rip out that monster guitar solo.  So what went wrong?

Here are 4 “rules” to becoming the guitar player that you want to be.


Rule number 1: Take advantage of great resources.  In today's age, there are so many excellent resources for learning to play the guitar.  Don't try to learn solely by looking for free tab on the internet! 99% of them are either far too confusing or just plain wrong.  Find yourself a good guitar teacher in your area or check out some of the great online resources, DVDs and books that are out there., a sister site to SixStringMadness has in depth and unbiased reviews of the best resources to help you learn to play the guitar.  Better yet, find a good guitar teacher and supplement that with some of the online programs out there such as GuitarJamz or JamPlay.  The combination of a private teacher and online resources will both broaden your knowledge and the 2 resources should help reinforce different concepts for you.

Rule number 2: Its a journey, not a race.  Becoming a great player is a long term process that requires years of practice and learning. It will take far too long to reach your goals without a solid source of guitar education. A good teacher can/should save you years of aimless guitar practicing, by teaching you HOW to reach your goals faster and better.

Rule number 3: Do not lie to yourself. Don't tell yourself that you are really going to put in the time and effort to do this if you know really deep down that you won't. If/when you decide to invest in yourself and commit to reaching your goals, do it! See it all the way through until the goals are reached. Stay focused, motivated, disciplined and hungry!

Rule number 4: Don't procrastinate. Second only to ‘Fear', procrastination is the worst enemy to your moving forward to get the real results you want.  Stop saying “Someday I'll learn to play.” or “I'll have more time once…”  If you really want it, do it now.  There's no time like the present.

Most guitar players who consider themselves to be truly happy, are the ones that moved forward towards their goals. Most who fail are the ones that gave up too early and didn't give it 100% of their effort. If learning to play the guitar is something you really want, then make that commitment, understand it's a journey not a race and find a good private teacher or other resources to help make your guitar playing goals a reality.