Blacksmith Strings Review


We recently had the opportunity to test drive some guitar strings from a brand that was new to us- Blacksmith

We, at Six String Studios, are always trying out and testing different guitar gear and products and strings are no exception so we were excited to find a brand we havent tried yet.  Blacksmith guitar strings came highly recommended from our peers in the industry so we contacted Robert at Blacksmith and got our hands on some his strings.

Blacksmith strings are coated with a nano carbon shield to provide longer life, reduction of finger squeak and fret wear.  Normally we dont dig the plastic feel and reduction of tone from coated strings but we were curious about Blacksmith strings.

The Blacksmith strings were strung on several guitars.  The packaging is very well done and a lot of care goes in to putting the string sets together.  This says alot about how a company treats their product and shows a high level of quality.

Once strung and tuned up, the initial impression was there is no way these strings could be coated.  They felt very comfortable and had an almost broken in feel to them.  There was no plastic feel or unnatural stiffness to them.  They felt like a really good set of regular guitar strings.

The tone on them is just as good as anything we have ever tried including some of the high end “boutique” brands.

A budget set of strings will normally get changed out in a week at most with roughly 3-4 hours a day of play on them.  Higher end strings may last around 2 weeks.  We are excited to report that we have played on the Blacksmith strings for more than 3 weeks now and they still sound amazing!

Blacksmith strings get a 2 thumbs up from Six String Madness!  If you are looking for a good set of strings that will continue to provide awesome tone with a much longer life, then definitely check out Blacksmith.

Visit their website here- Blacksmith Guitar Strings