Blow minds with these 3 must-know Delta blues licks

Got another cool free video guitar lesson for ya today …

My man Jeffrey Paul Ross from the Next Level Guitar family filmed this awesome licks lesson in the Delta Blues style.

In a hurry? Go watch it here right now.



This is a Delta Blues licks lesson with the benefit of being in standard tuning — not an open or drop tuning.

As you might already know, Delta Blues is often played with a slide and in an open tuning or drop tuning … which means this this lesson is so much more accessible.

The triad devices you'll see Jeff demonstrate are quite common in Delta Blues and will really dress up your blues playing. We like that!

Also …

As a bonus, you'll learn how top keep thumping quarter notes on that low bass string, and a killer Robert Johnson style turnaround lick — very cool stuff!

Enjoy and rock on!

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