Blues Guitar Lesson- A New Way Of Looking At The Pentatonics

Griff Hamlin of Blues Guitar Unleashed recently did a really cool video lesson that will challenge the way you look at the most popular scale used in Blues guitar- the pentatonic.

Think you have a solid handle on the pentatonic shapes.  This video may just challenge how well you think you know it.

In this video lesson, Griff discusses mixing major and minor as well.  This is such a huge concept that a lot of guitar players struggle with.  A great course to help you develop your skills in mixing major and minor pentatonics in your blues guitar soloing is the Blues Guitar Unleashed Slow Blues Supplement is one of the best courses I have seen that dives deep in to the topic of mixing major and minor pentatonic in blues soloing.

Check out the video below and also check out the Blues Guitar Unleashed flagship course.  It has to be one of the most comprehensive courses for learning to play blues guitar in a practical, real world way from a working blues guitar player

Here is the video lesson-