[Brand New] Learn to Play Like Jimmy Page Lead Guitar Series


If you love Led Zeppelin or the way Jimmy Page plays then you gotta see this

Just click the play button below to see how you can play the awe-inspiring sounds of Led Zeppelin:


Or click these links to …

watch sample licks

see a preview video or

listen to killer jam track clips:

David Taub and the team at Next Level Guitar have finished creating their latest “Blues-Rock Lead Guitar Series” package.
The first in the series was the best selling In The Style of David Gilmore It was an awesome look at the playing style of David and his work in Pink Floyd.
The follow up to the learn to play like David Gilmore is even better!

The focus in this one will teach you how to play the classic, bluesy, huge, eternally cool sounds that Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin used to change the music world forever …

Click here to see how right now:

But that's not all …

They're also going to teach you how to play the melodic Latin-fusion sounds of Carlos Santana.

Zeppelin and Santana — I can hardly think of two cooler, more timeless guitar styles to learn than those!

Can you really do all this even if you’re a beginner or intermediate player?

Answer: YES.

That’s because they take you from the beginning, show you everything step by step with close-up angles in high-def resolution, and I annotate everything with on-screen tablature.

Go here now to see what I mean:

David and the team are running an introductory offer to promote the new Playing Style of Jimy Page course for the next couple of days so be sure to jump on it!