[Brand New!] Ultimate Metal Guitar Concepts

Steve Stine has invited one of his good friends and fellow heavy metal guitar players, Eric Van Landingham to share the Guitar Zoom studios and offer you a killer new course called

Ultimate Metal Guitar Concepts- Riffing and Soloing for Metal Guitar

In this awesome course you will learn the tricks, techniques and skills to play massive heavy metal guitar!

Eric is a newcomer to the Guitar Zoom family but with such a huge endorsement from the most popular guitar teacher out there- Steve Stine, he's got to be pretty good!

In fact, Six String Madness was able to review a copy of Ultimate Metal Guitar Concepts before the final edits were made and we were blown away!

Eric covers a wide range of aspects of heavy metal guitar such as

  • Lick building and soloing with heavy metal guitar scales
  • How to simplify the way you play power chords for maximum speed
  • Adding different notes and chords in riffs and solos for that Metal sound
  • Palm muting for that heavy chugging sound
  • Legato techniques to play fast lead runs
  • much more
And did we say that you'll learn a TON of riffs and licks?!  Eric teaches you an arsenal of killer metal licks and riffs that you can jam to or use as inspiration for your own heavy metal songs.
Be sure to check out the 3 great preview videos for Ultimate Metal Guitar Concepts.
Be sure to check out the full info on Ultimate Metal Guitar Concepts and for a very limited time, pick up this great heavy metal guitar course for a massive discount
This  course will give you the fundamental tools and techniques to start cranking out some sweet metal solos and riffs in just a short afternoon.