Brett Papastache Reveals The 5 Obstacles Preventing You From Learning The Guitar

Look, guitar ain't the easiest thing to learn.

But it's the absolute BEST, COOLEST and most REWARDING thing you'll ever do.

Which is why you need to be on guard for the very real obstacles that get in the way.

I'm talking about the most common mistakes that plague nearly every beginning guitarist. (Or what I like to call “dream killers.”)

One of the biggest names in guitar teaching and childhood friend of Marty Schwartz, Brett Papa aka Papastache spent months filming an essential set of lessons he calls “Beginners Breakthrough.”

It's an amazing series of step-by-step lessons that take any raw beginner who's never even held a guitar before all the way to playing complete songs easily and way faster than you've ever dreamed.

And then it shows you how to execute all the tricks and techniques to take you into more advanced phases, allowing you to blow away your friends with awesome musicianship.

Brett's Beginners Breakthrough course tackles all 5 of the biggest obstacles in learning to play the guitar and shows you how to overcome them so you can play guitar like you have always dreamed of

The Five Biggest Obstacles to Learning Guitar
… and How to Overcome Them  


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In a nutshell, this is a series of step-by-step videos that take any raw beginner all the way from holding a guitar for the first time to playing complete songs really fast.

You'll also learn:

  • Every “Square One” essential you need to get started that will make everything else easier.
  • Bar chords, suspended chords and every other super cool chord you would ever need to know in order to play all the most popular songs ever recorded.
  • How to make your own strumming patterns to create your own unique sound and keep things interesting.
  • Discover the three most important ways to make practice more FUN. (If you keep it fun, you'll play for life, 'nuff said.)
  • Invaluable little tips and tricks, such as how to take the same old chord progressions and add muting to make it sound more modern.

But most of all, it's all about ….

Songs, Songs, Songs!

Learn 30+ Progressions Found In Virtually
Any Popular Song From Yesteryear to Today

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