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Marshall Class 5 Amp Review

I love low watt amps.  They are perfect for home studio or bedroom playing and generally less expensive than their larger high watt cousins.  The last couple of years have seen a huge increase in high quality low watt valve amps.  I covered the Blackstar HT5 in a previous post which is fantastic 5 watt…

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Blackstar HT5 Amp Review

Most of my guitar playing is done through Amplitube but I picked up a Blackstar HT5 for my students that I give private lessons to use during their weekly lessons. I was looking for a low wattage amp that had dual channel and this fit that bill and was also reasonable priced.

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Free Guitar Tuner iPhone App from Guitar Jamz

Ever find yourself at the music store trying out a guitar that is out of tune (aren’t they all?!) or cant find your tuner at home?  Marty Schwartz over at put together a great tuner app for your iPhone.  Here is a screenshot-                      …

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Chicks Who Rock Their Fuzz

  The world of guitar playing is and has been a boys club.  A very small fraction of guitar players are female.  I guess that’s why God created groupies. Guitar players love tinkering with new gear.  Stomp boxes are like crack. 

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