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Michael Angelo Batio Begs For Money

  I received the latest email newsletter from Metal Method yesterday and in it was a plea to the fans of Michael Angelo Batio (MAB) to “pledge” money to fund his latest album.  Here is a bit of what the email said- Unless you’re an artist like Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber you can no…

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Top 5 Most Famous Guitars

Disclosure: We are sometimes awarded commissions on the sales of products and services featured on this site. We test each product thoroughly and recommend only what we believe to be the very best.   The award winning wrote a great article on the top 5 most famous guitars of all time.  Check it out…

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Interview on Start Teaching Guitar

Just wanted to share that recently I received an invitation from Donnie Schexnayder over at Start Teaching Guitar to do an interview regarding my private guitar teaching business.  That interview was published today on the Start Teaching Guitar website so be sure to check it out- Six String Madness interview. This is a big honor…

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The Key to Guitar Playing Sucess

Today I want to talk about an angle to the issue of practice that you may not have thought about. In 1997 Gary McPherson conducted a study to find out why some advance rapidly through music lessons and others become discouraged and quit. This was a serious, long-term study that followed kids for many years, starting from when they first…

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The Real Secret to Mastering the Guitar

 I stopped in to my local music store the other day to purchase an assortment of guitar picks for my private lessons students and was chatting with the clerk when a mother and her son approached the counter. She asked us, “What is the best way for my son to learn guitar without practicing?” We…

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