Create Your Own Blues Guitar Solo

Everyone love a good blues guitar solo! There’s nothing better than cranking up your amp and playing some cool Clapton, Hendrix or SRV inspired licks with a band or over a quality backing track. Many players often struggle with this though. Check out these tips to help you get started in creating your very own improvised blues solo.

Tip #1: Learn 3 or 4 new blues licks every week. The key is to not bite off more than you can chew, so if you struggle to find the time to learn that many, try learning just 2 or 3. It’s essential to have some new material to experiment with often though.

Tip #2: Practice each lick over backing tracks. Your goal here is not to create a solo yet but to truly absorb each lick and learn how it fits over different parts of the backing track. Play each lick over and over, repeated for a couple of minutes before moving on. It might seem a little long winded but trust me, this is how you truly internalize each lick.

Tip #3: Spend some time trying to blend the licks together into longer phrases over a backing track. Take baby steps here, don’t go straight for a full solo. Instead, really focus on your musical ‘sentences’ one by one. If you still find this tricky, go back to Tip #2 and spend some more time there before attempting Tip #3 again. Or failing that, simply try a different backing track. This is the perfect way to craft a great blues guitar solo.


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So here’s what is covered in these videos:

– sizzling Blues licks.

– How to move licks into different positions along the

– How to mix major and minor pentatonic scales.

– Learn tons of furious double stops.

– How to create little-known but super powerful quarter tone bends just like Eric Clapton. (This will give you a lyrical sounding tone and the ability to play amazing solos with a slightly sour sound.)

– How to perform easy-to-execute note substitutions to add sophistication in the style of B.B. King.

– Learn John Scofield’s well-guarded secret that helped create his signature sound. (Your lick vocabulary will increase 10-fold using these
improvisational guitar techniques!)

– How to add a guttural growl in with your single notes just like Stevie Ray Vaughan.

– Master Jimi Hendrix-flavored minor third bends used by all the Blues masters. (This was also a favorite of David Gilmore’s.)

– And a lot more.

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Check em out-
Get 10 free blues guitar lessons

Get 10 free blues guitar lessons