Develop Killer Vibrato

Vibrato is one of those expressive techniques that we as guitar players do that brings so much life in to our playing.  For the experienced, it's something they dont think about but just do.  For beginners, it can be very frustrating to develop good vibrato.  And similar to bending, good vibrato sounds great and adds a human element to the piece of music and bad vibrato is REALLY bad sounding.  There isnt a whole lot of middle ground.

The problem is there isnt a whole of info out there on how to develop vibrato, what it is exactly, the different types, how the whammy bar can be used to create vibrato, techniques etc

Until now…

If you are having trouble developing your vibrato skills or just want it to sound better, in pitch and more musical you may want to check out Steve Stine's new course called- Ultimate Guide to Vibrato.  This is the only resource that I know of that focuses solely on developing good vibrato.  The sound and skill is so overlooked but one of the most important things you do on the guitar to create depth and a life like feel and sound to your playing.

Here are some of the highlights from Ultimate Guide to Vibrato

  • Why learning how to play vibrato is essential to keeping your solo's from sounding “unnatural” or “robotic”
  • How to add the “human element” to your solos and what that means to your overall playing
  • Understanding how the fingers, the wrist and the arm come together to create effective vibrato
  • One special “door knob” technique so you can play vibrato easily and with more control
  • Important differences between bends and vibrato that every serious guitarist needs to know

Steve put together a free mini course for you to check out.  Even if you're not interested in the full course, I thought the free lessons had some good tips in them-  Ultimate Guide To Vibrato Free Lessons