Develop Your Lead Guitar Skills

David Taub and the good folks over at Next Level Guitar put together an awesome package of a FREE lead guitar lesson ebook and jam tracks that will help you develop your lead guitar improvisation skills.

As you probably know, jam tracks are an essential tool for your lead guitar skills. It's just so much fun to put on a good sounding track and just have fun ripping it up!

So to help you along with your guitar journey, Next Level Guitar created a few killer sounding tracks and also whipped up a written lesson on what to try over the tracks and why they work.

Learning the “whys” is essential, as you want to eventually feel comfortable playing and jamming over any track.

And it's also important to experiment and get creative with jam tracks.

Go here to check out the free jam tracks and the coinciding written lesson PDF:

And if you are looking for a great source to learn to play the guitar, Next Level Guitar offers a FREE 3 day trial to their online lessons.

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