Does Your Guitar Playing Have Direction?

Do you find yourself wanting to learn a certain skill, but not knowing why you want to learn it? Or finding yourself already playing something that you have no idea why other than someone told you to?

The next time you find yourself wanting to learn a certain skill on the guitar, or in relation to music in general, make sure you know what you are going to do with that skill.

There is so much information out there nowadays that it can become overwhelming and everybody has a different opinion on what it is you should learn.

The only person that can truly answer that is you.  To do so though, you need well defined goals.  Without good solid goals you will make very little progress and waste a lot of time bouncing from one topic to another or worse yet hopping from one YouTube guitar lesson to another.

Let's say that you really want to learn how to play like Jimi Hendrix (dont we all?!)  Then you need to find the appropriate material that is structured and organized that will help you achieve that.  For example, Marty Schwartz has an amazing course on the techniques and style of Jimi Hendrix called Hendrix Revealed.

Or maybe you want to improve your Blues and Rock improvisation skills.  Well learning weird jazz chords wont help you.  You need to find a good guitar course that focuses on Blues and Rock guitar improvisation like Brett Papastache's 100 Blues Rock Licks

If you are a total beginner then you need to build a solid foundation before you start exploring specific topics like I mentioned above so find yourself a good solid beginners course that is well laid out and organized.  Here are a few I recommend


Although I would never suggest you skip learning anything… everything has it's place and time and there's no need to learn something now that you won't really use and forget before you really need it!