Even MORE Help For Your Guitar Soloing Skills

In a previous post we gave you a free one-page chart showing you how to improve your lead guitar skills by showing you soloing avenues that may not have occurred to you, courtesy of David Taub and the team at Next Level Guitar

(If you missed that free download, then click here to get it.)

But wait, I'm not done yet!

You see, David and the team created another free download for your soloing skills …

What is it?

Well, if you've ever dreamed of being able to jam with anyone, and you'd like to play just about any blues song you can think of, well, then you'll find this helpful.

In a nutshell, it shows you four great applications to the Minor Pentatonic and Blues Scales.

To download it now, just click here:



More details: Now here's what this cool and useful chart will do for you …

Ahhh, the Pentatonics — the world's most used guitar scales.

And for good reason! It's no wonder we often gravitate towards that old trustworthy Minor Pentatonic. As you may know the Pentatonic scale is THE most common scale utilized in just about every musical genre.

But what you may NOT know is all the applications available for these scales. There are many of them, and not just those found in a blues jam.

Never forget that we're always looking not just to learn scales in all positions all over the neck — but also how to apply them in a musical situation.

I'm talking about when and how to use them …

… over what chords …

… in what keys …

… in which progressions we like them sounding over.

And THAT is the heart of the matter: the sounds you're aiming for, and how to apply them musically.

The chart David created for you illustrates four killer uses for Minor Pentatonic & Blues Scales.

Experiment with these suggestions and have fun with that guitar!












P.S. Would you like even MORE help with your soloing skills? I realize that many of you want to take these ideas in a deeper way to really ramp yourself to the next level.

But here's the thing …

Too many guitarists take it upon themselves to learn something so that they can blow away their listeners …

… but then they end up “spinning their wheels” because they learned something only halfway … or out of context … or without the proper musical application.

Which is understandable, in a way. This is what happens when you're not given the FULL PICTURE.

When you're given a complete lead guitar game plan, then you can truly become the complete lead guitar player. Simple.

And that's what I have for you today …

I guarantee that this all-in-one resource I'm about to share, will blow the doors wide open on whatever you want to do with guitar.

Next Level Guitar called it the “Ultimate Blues-Rock Soloing Bundle,” and you can check it out here right now:

>>> http://www.nextlevelguitar.com/special_offers/blues_rock_soloing/

P.P.S. The lessons in that package are perfect for you whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced. I say that because the 4-DVD set that anchors that bundle is designed for beginners, but the other DVDs in the package go deeper once you're ready. David and the team designed it this way so that it can remain a part of your lesson library as you “grow” with the material.