Exciting New Blues Rock Lead Guitar Series


David Taub of Next Level Guitar just released a killer new course called Blues Rock Lead Guitar.

This awesome digital download set of lessons is a complete BLUEPRINT of the amazing playing style of the infamous David Gilmour of Pink Floyd.

You can see the first set of lessons here:

Melodic Soloing Inspired by David Gilmour of Pink Floyd

Why choose David Gilmour for an entire course??

Well, honestly, I can hardly think of any blues-rock soloing style that is more majestic-sounding than Gilmour's.  Have you heard how he infuses such melody and emotion into those soaring lead lines?!?

Let's face it, what guitar player has not tried to play the monumental solo to “Comfortably Numb,” “Time,” or “Shine On You Crazy Diamond,” at some point in their guitar journey!

His playing is instantly recognizable; all you need to hear is one note and you know it's David Gilmour.

Go here to see it now:


For a limited time….

David is including a 2nd course for free if you order before Saturday December 13th

So not only will you learn all of David Gilmour's lead guitar secrets, but you're also going to learn the awesome solo stylings of the legendary Gary Moore.

David Gilmour + Gary Moore
2-for-1 Video Lesson Special!

Remember, this is all brand NEW material you can't find anywhere else.  I'm talking nearly three hours of step-by-step instruction with close-ups, on-screen tablature, as well as all the extras.

You'll also get …

* THREE killer jam tracks that specifically go along with the exact lessons.  This is HUGE.  Not only will you want to play more because you'll sound so good, but you'll get better faster because the backing tracks are custom-made to coincide with the lessons.

* A detailed ebook for each artist that gives you all the explanations, strategies and charts you'll need to master everything.

you can just watch a preview video or get all of the details by clicking here: