Fix Your Own Guitar

I had a student come in for lessons last week asking how he can learn to make simple adjustments to his guitar so that it plays better.  He took it to a guitar shop (I wish he would have asked me before he did it) for a set up and a cleaning of the switches and such and it was well over $100!  He couldn't believe it.

Dont get me wrong.  Good guitar techs are worth the money but for easy adjustments and fixes such as adjusting the action, tweaking the truss rod and cleaning dirty pots, you can do them yourself and save a huge amount of money.  But how do you learn to work on your own guitar without making things worse?

I always teach my private students how to do the simple adjustments such as the basics of what a set up is and certainly how to change guitar strings.  Guitar shops will charge as much as $20 to change your strings.  And that doesnt include the cost of the strings.

Sticking wrenches and screw drivers and all kinds of tools on your guitar can be intimidating.  There are some really good resources out there though that teach you how to work on your guitar and save money on guitar tech fees.

The one DVD that I like the most and recommend all the time is Learn and Master Spotlight Series Guitar Set-Up with Greg Voros from the Gibson Learn to Play Guitar Spotlight series

The course includes

  • 3 full-length DVDs of instruction
  • Instruction on tuning and adjusting intonation
  • How to adjust the action, bridge, and pickup height
  • How to adjust the neck for precise relief
  • Full cleaning/maintenance of your instrument

Check out a cool sample video from the DVDs

Save yourself some cash and learn how to make your guitar play the best it can.  Click below to learn more about the Guitar Set-Up with Greg Voros course

Spotlight Series Guitar Set-Up with Greg Voros