Free Blues Guitar Ebook

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David Taub at NextLevelGuitar has a fantastic 35 page ebook on blues guitar.  This ebook covers topics such as

  • blues rhythms
  • the 12 bar blues
  • Dominant 7th chords
  • blues lead guitar
  • soloing with the major and minor pentatonics
  • Positions of the minor pentatonic scale
  • The blues scale
  • How to solo over a blues progression
  • Chord construction
  • much more
It's an excellent resource to help you develop your blues guitar playing.
Click the link below to get the free ebook
Be sure to sign up for a free trial on NextLevelGuitar check out the other great lessons they have to offer.  Not famaliar with David Taub and NextLevelGuitar?  Read my full review on what I think of the site and the teaching methods that David presents