[FREE Course] The Roadmap To Jamming With A Blues Band Or Backing Track

Griff Hamlin, the biggest name in blues guitar instruction has put together an exciting mini course that will give you the roadmap to learning how to play at a blues jam, with a group of other guitar players or even just a jam track.

In the 3 part series, Griff covers everything from common rhythm patterns and chords to guitar licks, solo tricks and more.

Check out the full course including tab, backing tracks and the video lessons here

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Griff is best known for his flagship course- Blues Guitar Unleashed

Blues Guitar Unleashed is one of the biggest selling blues guitar courses since it was released.

It is a complete step by step course that contains everything you need to really learn how to play blues guitar inside and out.

It is the most complete course out there for blues guitar

 It has been 9 years since Griff released Blues Guitar Unleashed so he thought it was time for a facelift.

There's a laundry list of improvements, but suffice to say it looks really good and with over 32,000 people around the world using it… well let's just say the method has proven itself and stood the test of time.

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