FREE Guitar Jamz Acoustic 4 DVD Set

I just found out Marty Schwartz is doing another special 24 hour “flash” sale.

This time he is giving away a free, 4-DVD set on “Acoustic Guitar Techniques” when you purchase his 2-DVD set, “Fingerpicking Techniques.” That Fingerpicking set by itself is already the lowest priced bundle Marty has ever offered …. and now he is throwing in a fantastic 4-DVD set from the good folks at Next Level Guitar.

[DAILY DEAL] 2-DVD “Fingerpicking Techniques” + 4-DVD “Acoustic Techniques” ONLY $39 with FREE SHIPPING

These two packages are the perfect combination because you'll learn:

  • Fingerpicking techniques that take you from basic to advanced — FAST. Includes folk style, basic chords, Travis picking, acoustic blues, and how to play in style of Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor and many others.
  • Every technique you'd ever need to master acoustic guitar, including: how to make chord changes effortlessly, adding rhythmic elements such as the chuck and rhythmic slap, a nifty little trick that lets you totally change the sound and tone of a chord with just one finger, learning hammer-on and pull-off chords, and a myriad of new chords, pseudo bar chords, strum patterns, and much more!

And if that wasnt enough, Marty is throwing in a 14 day FREE TRIAL to


Sale ends on February 10th, 2015 at Midnight, Pacific Time