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I can't stress enough how important it is for a guitar player to play to a backing track of some sort.  It develops timing, rhythm, higher levels of mastery and is a lot of fun to do.  It puts you in the band.

There are some great CD/book combos out there that provide these backing tracks but they can be expensive.

My favorite resource for backing tracks and the one that I recommend to my private students is

Imagine if you could have your very own backing band to play along with, by your side, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

Songsterr provides you with all the backing tracks that you can follow along with for FREE. There are many people who consistently use this website to develop their guitar skills because of the website’s professional songs that can be played to.

Benefits of using Songsterr –

New Songs You will find that they have quite a lot of new songs in their database, but they also have an enormous list of songs in different categories that you can play with.

Songs With and Without The Guitar Parts It is best to really learn how to play a song with the backing tracks and the original songs as well. What you must remember as well is to only play a song a few times with the guitar sounds being a part of it. and then to take out the backing tracks of the guitar to make it only the song itself but with no more guitar sounds. This is definitely a huge benefit in itself because you can practice with the guitar parts and remove those parts later on after you get better.

Easy To Use Even if you may not have all the experience or technical knowledge on using this, you will find that it isn’t difficult to use this at all. is a website that requires only for you to choose a song, decide how you want to play along, and mix anything from the song to play it perfectly.

No FEES This is probably one of the best places online that allows you to play backing tracks for FREE. Learning different songs for free can be a great money saver. There are tons of people who have learned some great songs with the usage of this program. By following the songs on this site, you can be sure to develop your guitar skills fast. is your ultimate online resource. Now you can find a huge list of songs with Songsterr. With their great number of songs and features, you can be sure to bring your guitar skills to a whole new level.

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