FREE Jam Track And Guitar Soloing Ebook

David Taub and the crew over at Next Level Guitar put together an awesome guitar soloing ebook and jam track that you can download for free.

David also put together a short note on some tips for the best ways to use this ebook and jam track

From David-

Keep in mind that for this lesson I use the jam track as a template to help teach you how to unlock and understand the mystery of jamming. You'll also learn how to know what avenues to try when soloing and improvising. 

First off, in the eBook I teach a bunch of different soloing avenues that you can try. If some of these are not familiar to you, that is okay, you can just start off with what you feel most comfortable with and build from there. It's always nice to try and push yourself into new territories and try new things.

The track is in the key of G minor, so you can play G minor Pentatonic and Blues Scales over all the chords. I diagram out the Blues scales over the entire neck in the eBook so be sure and try out a few new positions if you don't know them as yet.

Also illustrated in the eBook are the Expanded I and II Blues Scales. Be sure and also try these scales as they will get you playing laterally across the neck connecting boxes together – lots of fun.

You can also play the Natural Minor Scale over all the chords in this track. That scale adds two notes to the Minor Pentatonic Scale and those two added notes will add tons of melodicism and wow factor to your licks. A few positions of the Natural Minor Scale are in the eBook so also give those a try.

Be sure and check out page six of the Ebook as I teach the steps to determine the soloing avenues that you can try over the Jam Track. This will help you to use this lesson as a template and build lead guitar confidence so you can solo over any track!

As you get more comfortable you can try to solo over each chord independently. That option gives you a very sophisticated sound as you outline the chords with your lead lines – read more about that choice in the eBook.

Then fire up the track and just get lost in playing and soloing and enjoy the process!!
Click here to download the Jam Track and eBook 

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