Free Resources for Learning to Play the Guitar

Be sure to take advantage of the free resources listed below-

Practice Log– Fill it out each week to help keep your practice focused and productive. Look back on old logs to help track your progress. Guitar Practice Log Form


Gibson Learn And Master Guitar App for iPhone, Droid, and Intel– Gibson has a great app for your smartphone that gives you a free tuner and lessons right on your phone

Gibson Learn and Master Guitar App




GuitarTricks Free Trial– GuitarTricks is one of my favorite online resources for guitar lessons.  Their song lessons are some of the best I have seen.  They offer a full access 14 day free trial.  Its a great way to learn some new skills and songs while trying out the site for a full 2  weeks




Free ebook for Beginners– NextLevelGuitar has a great ebook specifically written for the beginner.  Contents include-

  • 17 essential points to learn guitar
  • Change chords faster
  • the best way to learn the notes on the fretboard
  • Much more
NextLevelGuitar Free Trial– While you’re checking out the free ebook, sign up for a free trial.  David Taub and crew have one of the longest running guitar lesson sites on the web.  There is a ton of great lessons on the site.  Perfect for all levels of playing.

NLG Guitar Lesson DVD's




FREE 5-Part Guitar Soloing Course– Steve Stine and GuitarZoom have a great 5 part guitar soloing course as featured as part of the acclaimed SoloFire course




Mini Guitar Course– The good folks over at Guitar Zoom have put together an awesome 3 part guitar mini course that will help you become a better guitar player.  Some of the things in the course include-

  • How to play any chord in five different ways
  • learn new songs without even picking up your guitar!
  • change chords faster
  • The complete CAGED system
  • increase your finger strength
  • Five must-know strumming patterns
  • And much more!



GuitarJamz Blues Lessons– Marty Schwartz of GuitarJamz fame has a FREE 10 lesson Blues Guitar video set that he is offering.
Get 10 free blues guitar lessons


NextLevelGuitar Blues ebook– Speaking of the blues, David Taub at NextLevelGuitar has a fantastic 35 page ebook on blues guitar.  This ebook covers topics such as

  • blues rhythms
  • the 12 bar blues
  • Dominant 7th chords
  • blues lead guitar
  • soloing with the major and minor pentatonics
  • Positions of the minor pentatonic scale
  • The blues scale
  • How to solo over a blues progression
  • Chord construction
  • much more
It’s an excellent resource to help you develop your blues guitar playing.
Click the link below to get the free ebook
20 Must Know Rock Licks– Steve Stine put out a free mini version of the hugely popular 96 Rock Licks course.  This course has to be one of the best to come out in 2012.Steve is offering 20 of the 96 licks FREE in a pdf book along with backing tracks if you like their page on Facebook.  Click here to go to the Facebook page and get your instant download- 20 Must Know Rock Licks DownloadBe sure to check out the 5 free video previews of the course as well.Chord Construction pdf– David Taub over at put out a great 2 page piece on chord construction.  Knowing how chords are constructed will help tie a number of different concepts together for you such as notes on the fretboard, scales, how different notes work together and will really improve your lead guitar playing as you will better understand what notes to land on when different chords are being played by the rhythm player.
Click here- chord construction, to get the free handout


Master the Pentatonic Scale– The pentatonic scale is probobly the most widely used scale in blues and rock music.   Bob Murnahan over at Lead Guitar Tactics has put together an incredible 35 page e-book that introduces you to the pentatonic scale and gets you started playing licks from the scale right away.  Best of all, the book is FREE!  There are 15 lessons in total.  Some of the lessons include

  • Pentatonic Scale Patterns
  • Scale Fingerings
  • Typical Blues Licks
  • Blues Scale
  • Guitar Riffs
  • Passing Tones
  • Putting It All Together