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When you learn to play a song, you feel totally empowered, as if you just learned a magic trick.

If you have never felt the thrill of playing your favorite song on guitar, then hang tight because you're in for a major treat.  I'm about to show you how you can ….

Learn 34 of the most popular
guitar songs in history.

And the reason for that is simple ….

There is nothing more motivating, empowering and just flat-out magical than learning how to play a complete song you didn't know before.

Because let's face it — when you play that song for the first time for someone you know, they instantly see you in a different light.

You've become a different person in their eyes: more creative, more talented, more artistic, more …. special.

Is there anything cooler than that?  I think not.

See what I mean by going here:


So here's the deal . . . .

You may not know this, but David Taub, co-creator of Next Level Guitar has

created 34 song lesson DVDs of the most popular guitar songs ever written.
There is a wide array of rock and blues, but they all have one thing in common they're ALL eternal classics that everyone loves to hear.

So here's what David is doing. He wants to send you ALL 34 of his Song Lesson DVDs for just $1 when you become a member of his site.

Thats right: THIRTY-FOUR DVDs mailed to your doorstep for ONE DOLLAR that will show you how to play some of the most classic songs of all time, step by step,
move by move, in painstaking detail, so that you won't miss a thing.

You get this entire collection of instructional videos for $1 when you purchase a one-year membership for the regular annual price of $139.

That's just 38 cents per day. Total no-brainer if you ask me.

WAIT.  It gets better…

In addition to David's membership site, You will get a membership to

Thats right.  Access to BOTH Next Level Guitar AND Guitar Jamz
We're talking more than THREE THOUSAND video lessons covering every aspect of guitar you can imagine.

And that's not even counting the 34 song lesson DVDs dropped on you doorstep for just one lousy dollar.

Want to see the 34 songs you'll learn for $1? Then go
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Oh yeah, you're also getting jam tracks, written materials, and forum support for an entire year . . .

Seriously, jump on this if your gut tells you that this could be a good hing for you.

Or just take a look at the whole pile of DVDs and see
if any of the songs are your favorites:

David is also throwing in ALL of his 7 written lesson ebooks. This is a
virtual LIBRARY containing 227 pages of carefully
constructed lessons detailing everything you could
ever want to know about Beginner Guitar, Blues Rock
Soloing, Rock Licks, along with Rock and Blues Jam

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get

  • 1 year access to BOTH Guitar Jamz and Next Level Guitar- Over 3,000 lessons!
  • 34 AWESOME song lesson DVDs
  • 7 written lesson guitar ebooks