Get the Most out of Your Practice Time

I've written a number of articles on guitar practice and how to be efficient with your time.  Let's face it, there are not enough hours in the day for everything and unfortunately guitar practice usually falls low on the priority list.

If you find yourself struggling to make the most of the precious moments you have each day to practice, check out section on their website called “Top 20 Techniques”

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The “Top 20 Techniques” is a great place to knock out a quick lesson that will give you the biggest bang for your time.  GuitarTricks is known for having killer guitar lessons online.

Some of the things on there include

  • Alternate Picking
  • Bending and Vibrato
  • Double Stops
  • Harmonics
  • Strumming


These online guitar lessons are great for beginner guitar players to advanced players.  Learning guitar can be tough but short focused lessons like these make it much easier.

This section is only available to full access members but if you sign up for the 14 day trial, you will be able to check it out.

Just remember- practice sessions don't have to be huge events where you lock yourself away for hours.  A few minutes here and there throughout the day does amazing things to your playing abilities.