Get The Perfect Blues Sound From Your Amp

Here are some suggestions and tips to help you get the ultimate blues guitar tone from your amplifier.

Step 1 – Set your bass, treble and mids to noon.

Step 2 – Make sure your amp is on the clean channel if you have a multi channel amp.

Step 3 –  Turn your volume up to a comfortable level.  Keep in mind that if you have a tube amp, you may have to turn it up a bit louder to push the tubes a little.  If you find this too loud, you may need to invest in an attenuator.

Step 4 – Now play a couple of chords such as an E major Chord or a few barre chords.  If you get a farty type bass response or the tone is too deep, turn the bass down. If not experiment with more bass. You want to make sure you get a full sound and the upper notes arent drowned out by the bass.

Step 5 – Play some licks on the higher strings.  Does it sound thin or distorted?  If it sounds thin, turn your amp up a little and turn your volume down on your guitar.  This will make your sound fatter.

Step 6 – When you play licks or chords and strike the strings hard, is the tone piercing to your ear?  If it is, lower the treble.  If it sounds kinda muted, then boost the treble.

Step 7 – Don’t sit directly in front of your amp and play it.   I would sit beside it or stand up and let the sound go straight through your legs.  It will sound much different.

Step 9 – Experiment with all the other knobs on the amp until you find something YOU really like.  Don’t be scared to put the midrange on 10 or 1.  And maybe dropping the presence to 2 or maybe 8.  You never know what will sound good until you try it.


Now you should have a reasonable clean tone.  If you don’t, keep turning those knobs till the inspiration strikes with the tone you get.  After you find this clean tone, you can now dirty it up with your favorite pedal if you like.  Using a pedal with a great clean tone in front of it will also make the pedal sound much better.  You may also have to further tweak your settings depending on what kind of pedal your using.

Hopefully this will give you a better idea of how to set your guitar amp for blues.

If you have a Fender Blues Jr, which is one of the most popular and affordable tube amps that is perfect for Blues guitar, here is a link to some suggested settings for a variety of styles and players of Blues-

Fender Blues Jr Amp Settings

Now that you have your amp all set up to sound killer, you need some blues licks and rhythms to play.

A couple of my favorite courses for learning Blues guitar include-

Steve Stine's 96 Blues Licks

Learn and Master Spotlight Series: Blues Guitar