Guitar Jamz Daily Deal Killer Clapton Sale

Marty Schwartz is releasing another 24-hour special deal

For the next 24 hours only, he is lowering the already-low price on his popular 22-video series titled “Killer Clapton Guitar Licks & Tricks.

Grab it here, or see below for more details:

[DAILY DEAL] 22-Video “Killer Clapton Licks & Tricks” + 54 Jam Tracks and Ebook ONLY $49.

You CAN play many of the same killer sounds he does, absolutely.

They're actually easier than you think because while Clapton’s stuff is incredibly TASTY, it’s not acrobatic or difficult

Among other things, you will:

  • Learn Marty's favorite “go-to” Clapton guitar lick to gain the respect of your fellow musicians.
  • Discover the bittersweet beauty of playing a sour bend.
  • Master a great repeating lick that is used all of the time in classic rock and blues.
  • Learn a classic sounding rock solo with all the bells and whistles that’s totally Clapton! You’ll learn it all in this one: bends, hammer-ons, pull-offs, double-stops, the works.
  • Master the secret to mixing the minor and major pentatonics together. (This will make a HUGE difference in your play.)
  • Put TONS of new licks in your arsenal!!