Guitar Jamz Dollar Days Are Back!


For the next few days only, you can get any one of Marty's multi-DVD guitar lesson programs for just $1 (yes, ONE DOLLAR) if you sign up for a
one-year membership to his website.

It's quite a deal because any one of these DVD programs normally sell between $200 and $300 each.


Check out the full details here:

So why would you want to sign up to his private website?

Because he has more than 1,500 video lesson tutorials on there covering every genre and style you can think of.

Any one of the DVD programs will give you a blueprint for reaching ANY guitar goal you may have, and the year-long access to his entire library of online lessons will let you fill in the blanks on whatever else you may need.

These courses from Guitar Jamz will get you MOTIVATED and playing regularly …. not just noodling around but GETTING BETTER by using Marty's step-by-step video instruction.

The $1 bonus is expiring Friday, February 20th at midnight,Pacific Time.

You owe it to yourself to at least take a look here:

Click here to see the $1 bonus DVD program offer.

Here is a list of the DVD programs that are part of the $1 offer
12-DVD Beginning Guitar bundle. Perfect for any
beginning guitarist or anyone who knows a few chords.

5-DVD Acoustic Blues bundle. Everything you need to
play gritty, acoustic blues in one package.

10-DVD Blues Domination bundle. (Marty's “mega-Blues”
package for beginner through advanced players.)

4-DVD Soloing bundle. The complete plan to become a
lead guitarist.

4-DVD Music Theory bundle. Music theory made simple
and fun to rocket your skills in any genre.

4-DVD Chord Expander and Rhythm Master bundle. How to
get “from here to there” really fast by exploding your
repertoire of chords.

See them all listed in detail here: 

How cool would it be to sit here exactly one year from now and look back on actually achieving whatever it is you want to do with guitar? I'm telling you, it CAN BE DONE if you have a plan and stick to it!