Guitar Teachers- Earn Six Figures a Year Teaching Eight Hours a Week

Start Teaching Guitar


The title of this post might sound like its a bunch of hype but it really isnt.  It is very easy to earn a six figure income teaching guitar for only 8 hours a week.

I have mentioned Donnie Schexnayder and his Start Teaching Guitar podcast and programs before and how it is the best resource out there for guitar players to learn how to start and maintain a successful business teaching guitar.  I have been a member of STG for over a year now and I can honestly say that Donnie and his podcast and courses have completely changed the way I run my guitar teaching studio.  His programs really do work.

Donnie has an awesome FREE Group Guitar Class training video that he just put together…

Thousands of guitar teachers from all over the world listen to Donnie's podcast…I know him personally and his information can really help you make more money as a teacher.

This free video covers some “frequently asked-about” stuff,

-WHY teaching your students in groups is so cool

-WHAT teaching group classes can do for your business
(and your life)

-HOW to take the next step if you want to learn more

This will only be available for a very limited time…

So click here now to get access and check it out:

VIDEO: “Six Figures a Year Teaching Eight Hours a Week”

Teaching your students in groups is a great way to solve a lot of common problems you might be facing as a guitar teacher. The free video explains exactly why.

P.S. To get access to the free video, just follow the link below and
use the sign up form…it just might change the way you think about teaching guitar lessons FOREVER:

VIDEO: “Six Figures a Year Teaching Eight Hours a Week”

If you are new to teaching guitar or are considering starting a guitar teaching business and dont know how to get started, Donnie has a great and FREE ebook called “Teaching Guitar the Smart Way”  Its full of great info that will help you get on the right path to a successful business teaching guitar.

Click the book below

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