Guitar Teachers- Launch Your Group Guitar Classes the Right Way

In previous posts, I mentioned that Donnie Schexnayder of Start Teaching Guitar is reopening his Group Guitar Launch Formula.  It is the only course that I know of for guitar teachers to learn how to multiply their teaching income, allowing them to earn 6 figures a year teaching guitar.

Donnie released a brand new video for the upcoming reopening of his Group Guitar Launch Formula- How To Launch Your Group Class the RIGHT Way

If you are like most guitar teachers, you teach one on one half hour or maybe hour long lessons.  The problem with that is there are only so many hours in a day.  This puts a cap on how much you can earn.  How do you remove that ceiling?  Teach group lessons.

You might be thinking, “Fine, I'll just get a bunch of students together and teach them all at the same time.”  Unfortunately, its not quite that easy.  That is why Donnie created the Group Guitar Launch Formula.

In the first video, “Six Figures a Year Teaching Eight Hours a Week”, Donnie covers

-WHY teaching your students in groups is so cool

-WHAT teaching group classes can do for your business
(and your life)

-HOW to take the next step if you want to learn more

the second video, Group Guitar Classes – An ‘Insider’ View, takes you INSIDE a typical group guitar class and demonstrate how to:

– PLAN your group classes well

– MANAGE a class full of students

– give them the RESULTS they expect

It’s a step-by-step walk-through of a beginner’s group class that will show you how easy it can be to pull one of these off.

These videos are great but the biggest issue is filling the empty seats of your group guitar class.  You can learn how to set up a group guitar class and learn how to run it all day long, but if you cant fill the seats of your class, whats the point?

In the final preview video, Donnie addresses this issue.

Go check it out now and learn…

– the secret to filling up your classes with

– how to build a waiting list of people ready
to join your group classes

– why word-of-mouth referrals won't help you
with group lessons

Go check it out now:

VIDEO: How To Launch Your Group Class the RIGHT Way

If you are not familiar with Start Teaching Guitar, it is an excellent resource for helping guitar teachers run a better business and help those that are interested in earning extra money by teaching guitar, get their business started.

Check out the site ===>  Start Teaching Guitar Website


Donnie has an excellent FREE ebook titled Teaching Guitar the Smart Way, for those of you that have been thinking about starting a guitar teaching business but dont know how.

Check it out ===>  Teaching Guitar the Smart Way FREE ebook