Guitar Tips from Zakk Wylde


Here is a cool video that Guitarist Magazine shot with Zakk Wylde where he shares some playing tips

  1. Auto Flanging- Zakk shows you how to get a flange sound without a flange pedal.
  2. Wah tricks- Zakk talks about the right and wrong ways to use a wah pedal
  3. Tapping- Zakk shares some tips on 2 hand tapping in the style of Eddie Van Halen and Gary Moore
  4. Fast Slides- Zakk shows you how to incorporate fast slides in to your playing.
  5. Tremelo Picking- Another EVH influence, Zakk shows how he does tremelo picking
  6. Pick Squeals- It cant be a Wylde video without talking about he gets those monster pinch harmonics that he is so known for.
  7. Trills- Zakk demonstrates trills both in a legato style and picked notes.