GuitarJamz Chord Expander And Rhythm Master Course

Internet superstar guitar teacher Marty Schwartz has a cool deal going on right now for his Chord Expander and Rhythm Master course.

Marty describes it as:

What's cool about this method is that it teaches you new chord
variations using what you've ALREADY learned.

In other words, it shows you how to EXPAND the number of chords
you can currently play WITHOUT having to learn NEW chords.

  • All the fundamentals you'll need to do this in case you're starting from scratch.
  • The 5 basic chord forms that will give you the ability to play ANY chord ANYWHERE on the neck.
  • Awesome tricks and shortcuts that will help your fretboard knowledge and allow you to sound way more sophisticated.
  • How to take this new chord knowledge and expand it into hundreds or even thousands of new chord variations that will let you create ANY cool sound you have ever heard your favorite guitarist do. Basically, you'll be able to build an entire chord repertoire.
  • An entire tutorial on how this fits into rhythm playing. Remember, there is no difference between a lead guitar or a rhythm guitar except the musical parts they play. This means a rhythm guitar player can play any guitar a lead player can play. This makes you a more complete player. (It also means you get the chicks, because if you ask me, the rhythm guitarist is the hypnosis-inducing glue that holds any band together!)

He has some killer bonuses that come with it and he's cut the price by 50%

Marty's Chord Expander and Rhythm Master is very similar to Steve Stine's CAGED Made Simple course.  If this sort of topic is something you dig, I would definitely check it out and if you enjoyed CAGED Made Simple, getting a different perspective on a similar topic reinforces what you know and allows you to pick up new ideas as well.

Check out a video from Marty Schwartz to learn more-

Marty Schwartz Chord Expander Video