GuitarJamz FREE Guitar Giveaway Now Available

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Marty Schwartz and the team at GuitarJamz is giving away some awesome stuff when you sign up for a one year subscription to

As you can imagine, there are a limited number of these available and they will go FAST.  In fact the offer is only good through August 30th or when supplies run out, whichever comes first.

Click here now to see if there are any left:

GuitarJamz Free Guitar Giveaway <== !!

One of the awesome giveaways includes a high-quality brand new guitar.  It's a Johnson JG-100 acoustic guitar.

Even if you already have a guitar, it's always great to have a backup in case you're going to a campfire or wherever and you'd rather leave your main guitar safe at home.

This guitar travels great, and because it's just a little bit smaller than a standard guitar, it means it's also easier to play if you're a beginner.

Here are the details of this offer-

Purchase a one-year subscription to and you'll get this awesome guitar for FREE. has more than 1,500 video guitar lessons in all styles and genres:

blues, rock, metal, country, jazz, fingerstyle, acoustic, shred and more.

To see more details or just to see a picture of this guitar click here:

The deal doesn’t stop there though!

In addition to the free guitar, Marty is also throwing in:

* Digital download of Marty's “Beginning Guitar” lesson program as a digital download. This is one of Marty's most popular courses.  It is 12 whopping DVDs worth of material!  All for FREE!

* “Blues Domination” lesson program as a digital download. This is one of Marty's best Blues instruction courses.  Blues Domination teaches you all the blues fundamentals but also a wide array of killer blues techniques, such as white-hot licks, sizzling blues riffs, bone-crunching solos and more.

* A free, autographed guitar pick from Marty Schwartz himself!

I have never seen Marty offer something like this.  He has offered free guitar ebooks, special lesson DVDs etc but nothing like this.  Marty Schwartz is arguably one of the best online guitar teachers out there and certainly ranks in the top spot on YouTube.

Pick up all of these freebies all for the regular one-time cost of joining GuitarJamz which is well worth the price by itself.

Don’t miss out!

Click here to check it out:

GuitarJamz FREE Guitar Giveaway