Have You Held Your Guitar Today

Griff Hamlin of Blues Guitar Unleashed wrote an awesome article that I thought would be great motivation for the readers of Six String Madness so I wanted to share it with you-

I heard this guy on TV the other day and they were talking about eating healthy, dieting, etc., and he said very simply, “The best diet is the one you stay on!”

And it's so true, if you have a diet that will drop you 30 pounds in 30 days, but you can't last more than 4, it's not going to be of much use to you.

Well on the interwebs… there are SO many guitar “teachers” out there now putting up videos on YouTube, creating websites with flashy tools to help you learn, and creating a mountain of “content” that not even the robots can hardly keep up with….

But it all kind of starts to sound like noise after a few minutes…

Learning guitar is not about what is the “best way,” it's about what is the way that connects with you... and even better if it also inspires you to play your best and try your hardest.

I had somebody ask me the other day, “why do you send out an email darn near every single day?”

Simple, because my job is to be that person who (hopefully) inspires you to pick up your guitar today, even if only for a few minutes while you're waiting for the coffee to brew 🙂

And since you've been following my emails for quite a while now, hopefully some of my enthusiasm rubs off on you during those times when maybe you don't feel quite as much like playing.

We all have up and down days… but at the end of it all I'd rather be playing my guitar than just about anything else I can think of.

And the days when I don't feel like practicing so much, I simply pick up my guitar and hold it for a moment… and guess what happens before you know it…

Have you held your guitar today? 

As Griff mentions in this article- Learning guitar is not about what is the “best way,” it's about what is the way that connects with you,

I cant tell you how true that rings.  You have to find the teacher that connects with you both on a personal level and teaching style.  In a face to face setting, you have to click with their personality.  There should be a rapport that develops.

In the online world, you should enjoy watching that teacher and the vibe they give.  When you find a teacher online that you like, explore the rest of their catalog to see what else they offer.

It's similar to authors of books.  Generally if you like a novel from a particular writer, chances are you will enjoy other books they have written AND look for teachers that are associated with ones you like.

For example Marty Schwartz is one of the biggest names in guitar teaching and courses.  If you enjoy the products that Marty has released then you may want to check out his good friend Brett Papastache.  Brett has a very similar approach in teaching but has his own amazing collection of guitar products.

We do a lot of product showcases and reviews here at Six String Madness so be sure to look through the site and take advantage of the free preview guitar lessons that are exclusive to Six String Madness from these wonderful teachers.

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